The Author

To come to an understanding of what this book is about I am first going to explain who the author is as well as giving a bit of background information about him. “Ecocidio en México: La batalla final es por la vida” was written by Victor M. Toledo who was born in Mexico in 1945. He obtained a Ph.D in Biology and is considered as an expert in Ethnoecology. For those of you who are not aware, Ethnoecology is the scientific study of how different groups of people living in different locations perceive the ecosystems surrounding them and the relationships with their environments. Victor has published over 200 research works this includes 18 books and 50 scientific articles. The book “Ecocidio en México: La batallafinal es por la vida” was published in 2015 which is mostly based on articles that he published in “La Jornada”. This book opens our eyes up to what is currently happening in Mexico in terms of ecological destruction, its relationship to social problems, the ways in which communities are resisting and how the citizens are seizing power to confront, defeat and overcome the destruction.  Toledo shows how the injustices, insecurity and violence we suffer today are the result of projects dedicated for paving a way for destruction. The nations natural resources are being shattered. The citizens of Mexico are extremely concerned with the derangement of ecosystems, the extinction of water sources as well as the poisoning of air, soil and seeds.