Target Audience

With reason I first believed that my target audience could consist of a wide range of age groups, typically from the age of 20 onwards. However, upon translating this piece of work I soon found out that in fact this text is more suited to a more specific audience, that being of intellectuals with a good understanding of highly academic language. The main aim of my translation is to raise awareness to the native speakers of English who are interested in the topic of “The Environment” and the horrific issues we are causing to it over the years. I feel like this is my audience because, in Ireland we are never informed about this major crisis which is occurring in such a huge country in Latin America. This means that there is quite a large audience and target market due to environmental issues becoming more and more spoken about in recent years. I wish to raise awareness on this topic as I believe not many European people know about this mass destruction which is taking place in Mexico and which will in time affect each and every one of us if we do not help to put an end to it. I am led to believe that this text is an informative text more so than anything else, but it also has some areas of being an expressive text. I am also led to believe that the target audience could also be for Spanish speaking people, with a high level of English and a strong interest in environmental issues, whom of which are interested in practicing their language skills on a book that they may have already read.